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The Cure for the Cluttered Desktop

Tuesday, 03 November 2009 20:35

The Cure for the Cluttered Desktop

Most people have a desktop cluttered with random junk. Programs you never use, install files that you forgot to delete, ‘that one document’ you had to refer to for a project a while back then never put back in My Documents. We’ve all been there. Then, when you actually need something, you can’t find it. And heaven help you if you share a computer, because then the tragedy of the commons kicks in and you’re really screwed.

Yeah, I know, you’re going to go through and clean it all up ‘someday.’ But ‘someday’ will never come.

There’s a free program that can help you keep your desktop organized and prevent all this from happening: Fences.

Common Misconceptions about BNI

Wednesday, 28 October 2009 04:39

Today I stumbled on a blog post that drove me a little crazy, because it touted just about every complaint I have ever heard about BNI – and most of them are based on false assumptions or misconceptions.

The blog post in question can be found here

First off, both Brent and I have been BNI members for over a year. We have seen both success and struggle with BNI, but overall it has been a positive and, above all, profitable experience for both of us. BNR Branding has seen such success through BNI that we plan our future expansion around BNI; we intend to place salespeople in different chapters as we hire them. BNI works.

I am going to list some of the most common misconceptions about BNI (including a few not found in the aforementioned blog post) and debunk them as well as I can.

SEO - The Free Way

Thursday, 22 October 2009 14:52

People will pay a lot of money for SEO and SEM campaigns to drive traffic to their site.

What most people don’t know is that there are ways to get the same results for free.

Stupid Google Trick

Tuesday, 13 October 2009 16:24

Here at BNR Branding, we deal with Google searches a lot.

Google's Pagerank is a great system that harnesses the democratic nature of the web and is still the best way to search for relevant information, but it's a system that has its quirks.

Joomla CCK Showdown - Open Source Design F2C

Thursday, 08 October 2009 15:01

Back in May I decided I was going to look in to the various Joomla CCK offerings and write some reviews. My quest started with checking out the major players and getting a copy of the component for testing. Most are either free, or have a free version, but Open Source Design's Form2Content did not at the time. Within days of my blog post going up, Patrick Faasse from OSD contacted me and offered a full version of their Form2Content component for testing. I must apologize to Patrick though because I was so impressed with K2 that I had not tested F2C.

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