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Monday, 23 March 2009 10:09

Charities and Google

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I am not a rich man financially, but I have been blessed with a great family and an amazing group of friends that anyone would be thankful for. While this is very fortunate, it also means that I cannot contribute financially as much as I would like to the causes that I feel are worthy. Luckily I have been able to help several charities by providing them with free or very highly discounted web sites to help them build awareness and donations.

A couple of weeks ago, a developer friend of mine let me in on a little known Google program that could be of great benefit to small local charities that struggle for funding even when the economy is good. The program is simple - for approved 501c3 non-profits, Google will give a $10,000/month adwords account. Adwords are those ads at the top and right side of Google searches. This is a substantial budget for anyone as you can imagine, and with a properly run campaign, this should result in significant traffic and donation dollars for a charity that is granted one of these accounts.

Obviously there needs to be some infrastructure set up and a lot of technology goes in to managing adwords campaigns of that size. Resources that most charities don't have access to. Until now. Between what my company and some of my partner companies offer, I am working on putting together a turn key package to help companies apply for, gain approval, and manage one of these grants.

I am already working with 3 charities locally on this program, and I would like to start vetting other charities to participate once we have the process figured out. So, if you run a 501c3, or know someone who does, please give them my contact info or send me theirs.

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