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Saturday, 28 November 2009 19:20

Why do I have to get BNR hosting?

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One of the common questions a prospective client has is “Why do you insist on providing the hosting?” There are several reasons ranging from server set up to security. Today I came across an article that illustrated once of the most important reasons why we highly recommend BNR hosting so I figured I would take this opportunity to talk about hosting in detail.

First, there is the matter of server setup and why it matters. Most hosting providers have a standard server configuration they use on all of the boxes they maintain outside of the custom dedicated servers that are usually way too much hosting for a small business client. Try calling GoDaddy and ask them to configure a server to your spec. From the provider standpoint it makes perfect sense to have a standard install because it makes setup and maintenance a lot easier to do.

BNR servers are configures and optimized specifically to run Joomla. The setup we use is the one recommended by Open Source Matters and it is more secure that most providers standard installation. Our installs allow us to turn off the FTP layer most providers require for proper uploading capabilities. Our setup also fixes the permission and file ownership permissions common to other configurations.

Next, at BNR we never oversell bandwidth of disk space. What exactly does that mean? Most hosting providers offer either very high or unlimited limits on monthly bandwidth and disk space. They then pile dozens if not hundreds of these accounts on a single server knowing that the vast majority of the accounts will use very small amounts of both bandwidth and disk space. It only takes a single high traffic or high disk space site to slow down everyone on the server.

At BNR, we never oversell bandwidth of disk space. Each server we maintain has a maximum limit on allotted bandwidth and disk space. Each account on our servers is given a quota so that the combined allocated bandwidth and disk space never exceeds the maximums we have preset to keep our servers fast. Each domain is given approximately 150% of their expected needs to account for sudden spikes in traffic. If a site outgrows their allocation we can also seamlessly move sites to new or less trafficked servers. This allows us to guarantee that your server will never be over burdened and your site will never be slow because the server your site is on over sold.

Finally, the reason that triggered this post to begin with, BNR hosting is more than just hosting since it also includes software updates. This is typically outside the scope of work for a hosting provider. It’s totally up to the client to update their code to protect against vulnerabilities. Most developers also do not include this service, you are on your own ocne you take possession of the site. You may ask why does this matter? Who is going to hack my site to begin with? You’d be surprised at the answer to those questions. From a blog post on called “Chat with the 17 year old hacker who hacked my blog.”

I’ll save you the read and quote the important part straight from the hackers reply –

So how did you find out my blog was vulnerable and why did you pick my blog?

Well, I just searched with google some blogs and I found yours.

You searched for blogs running older versions of Wordpress? There must me millions of those right?

Yes, but they are not all vulnerable and I didn’t hacked just your website.

Ah, so how many websites do you hack a week and how many have you hacked in total?

Well, in total I don’t know but in a week if I have time I can hack a maximum of 50 thousand website, it depends if I found a vulnerability or not.

50,000 websites??? Amazing! So why do you do it?

Well, we are a hacking team so we do this to protest against somethings, for example the last month I think there was a genocide agains the Uygurs in the west of China and we just hacked around one thousand websites of the chinese government.

You read that correctly. Hackers don’t hack your site because of you or something you did. They hack your site because they can, and some times to make a point totally unrelated to you in the first place. The hacker goes on to state that most hack jobs take 2-3 days to recover from. Can your business afford to be down for 2-3 days because a hacker in Turkey is mad at the Chinese government?

The simple fact is that hackers go for the low hanging fruit. There are so many vulnerable sites that they go for the easy ones and ignore the ones that they would have to work at. The simplest protection against the random hacking is to be sure you have the latest security patches installed on your site. Most large projects, Joomla included, release several updates per year, and most of them are security related. When you host with BNR you no longer have to worry about security updates. Not only does your hosting include version updates, we also test them on our own site before releasing them to your live site. If there are any issues that could potentially break your install, we work them out before the update is loaded on your site.

What it all comes down to is that BNR hosting is cheap insurance against bad performance and security problems. You can get hosting for a lower price, but the few dollars you save are hardly worth the common issues that plague low price hosting from any provider.


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Brent Friar is the owner and chief web developer for BNR Branding Solutions. His development experience dates back to 1994 when he was a founding partner of Internextion Web Development in Orange County, CA.

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