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Thursday, 24 December 2009 01:43

I never click on those links

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Have you ever noticed when you do a search on Google that there are “Sponsored Links” that show up above the search results and to the right of the search results? You know, those links you never click on? You’ve seen them right? You do use Google as a verb right?

Now that we’ve established that you don’t live under a rock, let’s talk about those “Sponsored Links.” When discussing online marketing the subject of pay-per-click ads inevitably comes up, and as sure as the day is long the very next statement always seems to be “I never click on those links.”

Now, just for a second, let’s ignore the reams of research that has gone in to the effectiveness of those sponsored links and how they work in conjunction with organic results to increase clicks and conversions. We’ll just pretend none of that exists. Let’s just deal with something everyone understands, the almighty dollar. In 2008, Google’s number one source of revenue was their AdWords service. The very same service that displays those links you never click. Care to venture a guess at how much their AdWord revenue was?

$21 Billion. That’s with a B as in $21,000,000,000. Nine zeros. When you consider that all of that revenue was the result of a user clicking on one of those ads, I would say that it’s safe to say that someone is clicking on those ads.

This is not to say that a pay-per-click campaign would be a good fit for your online marketing needs, but $21 billion says that it’s at least worth you time to discuss the numbers with a reputable Google AdWords Professional. A properly managed AdWords campaign can return phenomenal ROI, but it takes some thought and expertise to get those results. The best part is that at the end of the day, you will have pretty definitive data on how well your money was spent. At that point it’s a simple A/B comparison – if you made money do it some more, if not, cut it out of the budget.

If you are interested in trying a pay per click campaign or would like to see better results from an existing campagin we can put you in touch with a reliable managment company. Contact BNR if you have any questions, we are ere to help.

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Brent Friar is the owner and chief web developer for BNR Branding Solutions. His development experience dates back to 1994 when he was a founding partner of Internextion Web Development in Orange County, CA.

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