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Friday, 22 October 2010 12:15

SEO - are you ready for it?

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MarketingSherpa is a leader in online marketing research. Every year they publish the Search Marketing Benchmark Report - SEO Edition. It's over 200 pages of the latest research, resources, tools, metrics, and editorial content. The 2010 Edition included a survey of 2194 search marketers to determine which tactics and methods have been producing the best results. The top 10 results based on respondents answering that the tactic was "Very Effective" are -


Very Effective Somewhat Effective Total
1. Keyword Research 63% 36% 99%
2. On Page Content Optimization 62% 33% 98%
3. Title Tag Optimization 45% 48% 93%
4. Link building 44% 46% 90%
5. Meta Tag & Meta Description Optimization 37% 50% 87%
6. Competitive Research 33% 55% 88%
7. Blogging 33% 50% 88%
8. Integrating Social Media 29% 53% 82%
9. Online PR distribution 28% 56% 84%
10. Creating an XML Sitemap 24% 58% 82%
The effectiveness of SEO tactics (Source: MarketingSherpa)


The order of some of the tactics is a bit surprising, but the tactics themselves are not. The list also validates something we've observed on many sites - on site SEO strategies pay off. Of the top listed strategies, our sites either automate or are easily configurable on 5 of the 10 and facilitate 3 others. 8 out of 10 ain't so bad! When it comes down to it, the only thing our sites aren't capable of is Keyword Research and Competitive Research.

SEO tends to be relative. For some industries or locations it's highly competitive and takes significant amounts of work and capital to beat the competition, in others just doing the basics will get you in the game and some times in the top positions. Our sites are created with good practices in mind so that you have a head start once you decide to make the commitment of optimizing your site for the best results.

Have questions or want to see a demo of how our sites handle SEO? Feel free to schedule a free demo by submitting a request through our contact form.

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