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What Google thinks about your website is more important that ever with more than 75% of transactions starting with an online search. If you're site isn't coming up, you are missing out on business! As a Chamber member you qualify for a limited time offer for a free site audit. No gimmics, no credit card requirements, no sneaking billing at the end of the offer. Just 30 days access to our site audit tool. Simple as that. We're making this offer to the first 10 requests so take advantage now before all of the spots are filled.

What is a site audit?

Our site suditor is a tool designed to illuminate the performance and SEO errors found on your website.

site audit results

Why do you need a site audit?

The only constant on the internet is change. Google is no exception and their algorithm is being constantly updated. In addition to their major updates, Google has as many as 500-600 algorithm changes per year! Most of these are minor and often are not picked up by users, but over time they add up.

What will an audit find on my website?

Our site audit collects data on seven different areas for your website:

  • Visibility - Errors dealing with the ability for your website to be accessed by search engine robots.
  • Meta - Errors dealing with the meta data that is used to inform robots and users about the content of your page.
  • Content - Errors dealing with the actual written content on your pages, including duplicate content and low word counts.
  • Links - Errors dealing with your links, specifically about whether or not you're using the nofollow attribute and if any links are dead on your pages.
  • Images - Errors dealing with broken links and links missing attributes that enhance usability on your website.
  • Semantics - Errors dealing with the heading structure of your page. You should only have one H1 heading per page, with successive headings in order from there.
  • Desktop Page Speed - How long it takes for your individual pages to load on a desktop or laptop, with metrics on actual load time and Google Page Speed scores included.
  • Mobile Page Speed - How long it takes for your individual pages to load on a smartphone, tablet or mobile device, with metrics on actual load time and Google Page Speed scores included. This also includes useful information on mobile best practices, separate from load times.

What will I get?

Your site audit will include an actionable list of issues and opportunities for improving the quality of a website. The items will be organized by the 7 topics above, then by the impact the item has on the SEO performance of your website.

site audit02

Your site audit will include helpful information on the importance of the issues listed as well as helpful information on how to fix the issues. Then, each week after your initial results, your site will be crawled and you audit will be updated to reflect any changes you have made to improve your optimization.

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