Website Design

First Impressions

You only get one shot at a first impression and good design is critical to a good user experience on your website. Recent studies have shown that users will forms a basic opinion of a website in as little as 50 milliseconds. That's how long you have to convince your user to stay a while and look around. Those first impressions have proven to influence how a user will judge the subsequent experience with a website. Even if you have what they are looking for you may fail to convert if their first impression was a negative one.

Usability and Layout

Beyond just looking good though, our designers are experienced in marketing and usability. Our designs don't just look good, they also work good. Users are given intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. Conversions are increased by strategic placement of elements that your visitors will be drawn to use. Using proven techniques to direct the user to the important marketing messages, our designs result in more client interaction and eventual sales.

Experience and Standards

Our design team consists of trained professionals that are well versed in web standards and usability. Not only are they trained in graphic design, but they are experienced website designers that are aware of trends and technologies that will help your website look fresh and modern.

In order to provide you with the best design for your project, BNR has formed partnerships with some of the top designers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. We have chosen award winning designers and art directors that can make your design ideas in to a working reality. Throughout the design process you will work directly with the best fitting designer to insure that your project stays on track and looks exactly how you envisioned.