Website Development

Programmers, not code generators

Many agencies take advantage of advance software systems that will generate the code for a website. At BNR we are first and foremost web programmers. We will never use a code generator on your site. All of our code is written by experienced programmers with years of knowledge in best practices and code writing. We will write the most efficent and bug free code possible to insure that your website loads fast and all of its features work.

SEO Ready

Because our code is hand written, we can take the extra steps to make sure the code is optimized for search. Whether it is a simple template or a complex extension, our code will output HTML that is optimized for search engine indexing. Our sites are fully compatible with all current search engine optimization techniques without any modification. Before and after testing of optimization compatibility will show that your new site will be much better positioned to rank high for your relevant subjects as soon as we turn it on. If you are in a high competition industry and need the extra boost of additional optimization, our sites are completely customizable.

Standards and Browsers

All of our code is written to current standards with browser compatibility in mind. We use DIVs instead of TABLEs for layout and our templates are optimized to work both on the traditional desktop as well as mobile smartphone browsers. Your site will be HTML5 and CSS3 ready with compatibility across all browsers will be maximized. We test our sites in the following browsers -

32x32-Chrome Google Chrome v10 to current
32x32-Firefox Mozilla Firefox v4 to current
32x32-IE Internet Explorer v8 and v9
32x32-Opera Opera v10 to current
32x32-Safari Safari v4 and v5