Joomla Support & Updating

Since the release of Joomla 1.6, the Joomla project has adopted a fast release cycle where a new version of Joomla is pushed to the public every six months. The fast release cycle allows the project to get new features on to users sites much quicker, but it also means that users will have to upgrade much more regularly. On top of the typical bug fix and security releases, there will also be two version upgrades per year.

Add in the numerous updates that are released for third party extensions and it's quite a chore to keep your Joomla site up to date. BNR can handle the updating tasks for you. While the new update system makes it easier to update Joomla and its extensions, it does not guarantee that the update will not break your site. BNR tests every update before live deployment in order to insure that there is no site downtime. In the unlikely event that your site does experience problems, we always create a current backup before updating that we can roll back to while we resolve the issue your site experienced.

BNR can also provide you and your staff with training and support. Rather than count on public forums to get answers to your questions, you can utilize our support ticket system and guarantee that you will have a solution to your problem. We guarantee 24 hour response times on all support issues so your problem will be taken care of promptly or we'll credit your account with additional free hosting.